Could worm holes be found both in the cosmos and on Earth?

A wormhole is a spatial structure that connects far-off places in space-time, according to the theory of relativity.

The logic of worm holes has been acknowledged as theoretical in many respects, but our scientists have yet to be able to physically verify this.

Sir Albert Einstein envisioned using such cosmic tunnels that might readily span vast distances to connect the universe's two points.

Worm holes were first proposed as a mechanism to easily travel between several worlds, which highlighted the potential for an unlimited number of universes.

The covert movement of the gods on Earth has been mentioned in the scriptures of numerous faiths across the world.

So, is it conceivable that worm holes connect every element of the cosmos to every other element? On Earth, the Bermuda Triangle appears to be as strange.

Or it's also feasible that the worm hole acts as a link between the many dimensions that exist in the cosmos, facilitating time travel.