why is the higgs boson called the god particle

The Higgs boson is a basic particle connected with the Higgs field

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman referred to the Higgs as the "Goddamn Particle". 

"The Goddamn Particle" was suppose to be the title of Lederman's book that came out in the 1990s 

However, his publishers weren't exactly on board with that phrasing, so the title was changed to "The God Particle." 

Leon Lederman, while discussing the Higgs boson in his book, amusingly called the Higgs boson particle the 'goddam particle'.

Which was changed by the publishers to the name of "God Particle". These things are supposedly before the discovery of bosons.

When the particle's discovery was made public in 2012, it was referred to as the "God Particle" on the top pages of newspapers.

In fact the Hinggs boson is an integral part of physics, yet comparing it to God is a bit excessive though.