Science is the only means which can know consciousness. Know how? 

Many religions and religious books in the world talk about consciousness, but in reality it is difficult to understand and explain consciousness. 

In fact, consciousness is an invisible energy, in which many universes are present and consciousness is present in every particle of the universe. 

Man can only imagine what he can see, so it is not so easy to find consciousness. 

Imagine that consciousness is completely present in every particle of the universe, now think that many universes are present in consciousness. Can it be imagined? 

It is not miraculous, but science has not yet reached that level, where consciousness can be understood and seen. 

I believe that consciousness is actually the first elemental energy, which connects in different ways with particle-wave duality, particle, matter, and other physical things, yet it is fundamental. 

Due to the combination of conscious energy, time, limit, speed, difference, appearance, dimensions develop in all particles and matter, but consciousness cannot change. 

I agree that only science can understand consciousness properly, but it is really impossible to understand consciousness at the level of classical physics and quantum physics. 

To understand consciousness, it is necessary for us to develop a new approach to physics, which can reveal many unsolved mysteries of the universe.