What is the Twin Star Theory?

In the process of the formation of the Solar System, a variety of speculations and theories arose, including the theory of twin stars.

The twin star theory was discovered in 1965 by RA Littleton, a British astronomer.

In this theory, it is explained that before the formation of the Milky Way, there were two Suns in the Galactic System. Two suns are called flower stars.

Two twin stars collided and caused one star to collapse and the other to survive.

A star that is still alive is eventually known as the Sun. Meanwhile, the destroyed star eventually forms a smaller particle and part that floats in the solar system.

Then smaller parts were transformed into planets, planets, comets and meteorites and from which our solar system was formed.

This twin star theory is a theory of the formation of the Solar System that states that the Solar System originally began with two very massive stars and twins.

There are many shades, assumptions, affiliations, and controversies with the twin star theory, which has also been expressed in many ways.

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