Is there a fifth force that contributes to the universe's stability?

What exactly is X17?

According to current thinking, the universe is governed by four forces: gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear force, and strong force.

However, current discoveries indicate that, in addition to these four forces, a fifth force exists in the cosmos.

The findings of a nuclear experiment demonstrating the fifth force have been released by researchers from the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Scientists found the new particle, known as X17, while studying how a single helium atom releases light as it decays.

Attila Kreszanhorke, the study's main scientist, stated that this is the second time his team has discovered a new particle known as X17.

Scientists discovered electrons and positrons breaking off from the atom at an extraordinary angle of 140 degrees.

This is genuine scientific study that has shocked the world. This allows us to get closer to universe's invisible side.

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