What exactly are gravitational waves?

Great Scientist Einstein's Theory of Relativity predicted gravitational waves over 100 years ago.

However, for the following 50 years, no one adequately understood or considered the use of these waves and their detection.

Dr. Josev Weber, a scientist at the University of Maryland in America, attempted to learn about them for the first time in 1967 AD.

With the use of a unique equipment, he attempted to produce these waves by establishing an artificial gravitational field.

He was unable to completely demonstrate the extremely low energy of the gravitational waves he produced.

Two scientists in Puerto Rico received the first reliable information regarding gravitational waves in 1974.

He demonstrated to the world the discharge of gravitational waves caused by this mechanism after working tirelessly for almost 30 years.

On February 11, 2016, LEGO scientists announced that two black holes collided, producing enormous amounts of gravitational waves.

The existence of gravitational waves, as predicted by Dr. Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity, was thus proven.