The Uncertainty Principle: A Quantum Physics Myth? 

It would be incorrect to infer that the uncertainty principle is a faulty idea because it has been proved to be mathematically . 

It will be challenging to include several sorts of thoughts about anything if we believe it to be true. 

I consider the cosmos to be a vast network of many energy patterns. 

The way energy is stored in matter in the universe, it may be that matter exists in energy in a pattern that complements each other. 

It's possible that what we think of as particle and wave duality is actually an energy body including matter. 

And if we comprehend the energy body's pattern, we might be able to determine its precise location and speed. 

I don't try to falsify Heisenberg's theory, because it can be truly foolish to falsify what quantum mechanics regards as fundamental laws. 

But thinking always reveals possibilities and in reality there are possibilities