Technology in future

Collaborative telepresence 

Augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G networks, and advanced sensors allow people in different rooms to see each other and shake hands.

Delivery via Drone 

Technology advances in the same areas where there is a greater need and craze. It is possible that delivery will be done by drone in the near future.

Double Language Earbuds 

We will be able to listen from one speaker, and these Air Buds will be able to translate by listening to the front speaker's voice.

DNA data storage 

DNA-based data storage, a low-energy alternative to computer hard drives, is being developed.


After hair loss, transplant is feasible, as is body transplant, although it may take a long time to develop.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is being developed to mimic and execute tasks such as decision making and pattern recognition in voice, images, and other data.

Space Trip - Human Space flight 

Some firms are working on the objective of getting ordinary people to fly to space, and a specific sort of space voyage is being constructed for this purpose.