It is a challenging idea for a student that how to increase his interest in holistic studies?

Students have to work on some effective points to increase their interest in holistic study.

While studying, your receptive power has to be effective, for this, bring slackness in thoughts.

In fact, what we are reading or listening to, we are seeing it with the eyes of the mind, such ability has to be increased.

Other thoughts should not be given place during the study, so free the complex thoughts from the mind.

Make the desire to know strong during the study, so ask yourself questions.

Getting knowledge of a subject can be difficult but not impossible, you have to mold yourself in it.

Read any topic aloud so that you can hear it yourself, which will give momentum to your focused thoughts.

Think about the study done and try to expand your ability to assess it on your reasoning

Holistic study is a guiding thought, from which life gets the right direction.