What is the right way to meditation? 

Meditation is a practise that may help you get to know yourself better, as well as motivate and balance yourself. 

Meditation is a type of mental activity that allows us to manage our thoughts. 

To meditate, we must first choose a calm and tranquil location. 

Morning time is ideal for meditation since the atmosphere is tranquil and the capacity to examine the senses is at its peak. 

Physical lethargy should be avoided when practising meditation.  

Sit on it normally by arranging a seat on the desired location. Sit at a position that is comfortable for you. 

After sitting, maintain your spine straight and relax your muscles, shoulders, and neck. 

Place your entire body in a calm stance, fix your gaze on your nose, and gently close your eyelids. 

Breathe in  deeply and exhale slowly. During meditation, we must repeat this procedure several times. 

You keep a small grin on your face while meditating, which aids in activating the bliss of the mind. 

Do this workout constantly for 15 to 20 minutes at first, then progressively increase it after a few days.