Is quantum physics the only Is quantum physics the only way to know the universe?approach to unravel the universe's hidden mysteries? 

I believe that when it comes to quantum physics, we must consider a variety of factors. 

I'm perplexed by weird coincidences, such as how the number of galaxies in the cosmos and the number of cells in living things may be almost identical. 

The parallel between the number of atoms in a cell and the number of stars in galaxies is amazing. 

Is the energy that drives the human mind the source of the evolution of the universe?

Because the structure of the universe is remarkably similar to the neurons in the human brain?

The consciousness present in a human being is analogous to the consciousness present in a tree, plant, or animal. He is, in reality, the same. 

So, is the universe guided by consciousness? So, do we really need to rediscover consciousness? 

But, when consciousness is not physically present, how do we perceive it? Is it a grouping of unseen molecules?