Quantum physics - a new approach for science to view the mystical world.

In quantum physics, the structure, behaviour, and specific activities of particles and subparticles are studied.

Until the twentieth century, it was thought that one atom was the smallest object in the universe and that it comprised everything.

a scientist by the name of Max Planck observed an odd phenomenon in the Experiment of black body radiation in the year 1900.

Planck noticed that in this experiment, light, which was previously thought to behave as waves, behaved like a particle.

Planck deduced from this that light is not composed solely of energy, but rather of small amounts of energy known as quanta.

As a result, a new chapter of physics, known as quantum physics, was born. which many scientists later participated

Along with the discovery of protons, electrons, and microparticles like neutrons, positrons, photons, and bosons, science's course shifted in this new chapter.

According to quantum physics, a particle exists in both particle and wave form, and that a particle is generated by the activity of many sub-particles.

Quantum physics is said to hold the key to unlocking the universe's structure's secrets and finding new resources.