What is quantum communication

A branch of quantum physics called quantum communication is connected to quantum teleportation and quantum information processing.

To harness the potential of the quantum world, researchers are creating global quantum networks, ultra-secure communication channels, and quantum-secure cryptographic algorithms.

The vulnerability of digital communications is one of the major challenges to our linked world. Hackers create new methods for stealing our information, money, and secrets.

The science of secrets known as quantum cryptography enables the transmission of data over great distances.

QKD is a type of encryption that uses the uncertainty principle to keep our information safe even from quantum computer attacks.

The QKD is already in use. QKD systems are sold by various firms, and it is used for information security by many governments and private entities.

Quantum-secure cryptography is a supplementary technique to QKD. For many challenges, quantum computers will be superior to digital computers.

Although QKD is pretty safe, it would be significantly more secure if quantum repeaters could be used.