Is it possible to have a graviton? What does the theory of relativity have to say about gravitons?

The graviton is an imaginary quantity of gravity in quantum gravity theories, a basic particle that mediates the force of gravitational interaction.

Three additional known natural forces are mediated by elementary particles. Scientists have demonstrated this.

The photon symbolises the electromagnetic force, the gluon particle represents the strong interaction, and bosons are the weak interaction representatives.

As a result, it has been proposed that the gravitational interaction is mediated by a yet-undiscovered elementary particle known as a graviton.

The term graviton was originally coined in 1934 by Soviet physicists Dmitrii Blokhintsev 

Even if we suppose gravitons have no mass, they will nonetheless transport energy, just like any other quantum particle.

If scientists can effectively mist gravity particles, the curtain between the secrets of the cosmos can be lifted.