In fact a particle-wave duality is not just a duality but a particle-wave-vibration tripulity. 

I believe that the main basis of a particle-wave duality is vibration, and it is in fact the characteristic of what we might call the particle-wave-vibration tripulity. 

In the absence of sight, it is a vibration, which acts as a particle or wave in the visible state. 

That is, if considered fundamentally, there exists a fundamental vibration, not a particle or a wave, which can be traced to the behavior of the particle and wave in the current specific situation. 

The vibration present with a particle-wave is the reason for the uncertainty principle, which does not give an accurate assessment of position and speed. 

The basis of the quantum entanglement state is vibration which creates the state of entanglement between two substances. 

The accompanying vibrations of the particle-wave strengthen the Big Bang theory, which is a continuous process of the origin of the universe.

The Higgs boson responsible for the Big Bang is actually the particle-wave-vibration triplet that is responsible for the Higgs field. 

I cannot prove it theoretically and experimentally on the basis of logic. But in reality I do not see my reasoning as right or wrong.