On Yoga Day, understand the significance of yoga. 

Since 2014, the United Nations has designated June 21 as Yoga Day, and the day is observed all around the world. 

Yoga connects us with nature, and hence it is necessary for us to keep our body naturally healthy. 

A person who lives in the absence of time becomes physically weak, thus we must practise yoga for our health. 

Meditation and yoga bring relaxation to our brain as well as the entire body, keeping the mind stress-free. 

Sunrise yoga maintains our minds peaceful, joyful, and stress-free. 

It is a technique for balancing emotions and bringing the mind and body into harmony. 

Yoga also increases breathing and energy while increasing flexibility, muscular strength, and body tone. 

People suffering with neuro illnesses now place a greater emphasis on yoga since it provides some alleviation from the ailment.