Three new unusual particles were found by LHCb.

The multinational LHCb collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) recently discovered three previously unseen particles.

a new form of "pentaquark," as well as the first-ever pair of "tetraquarks," one of which is a new type of tetraquark.

The first kind is a pentaquark, which is made up of an up, a down, a strange quark, a charm quark, and a charm antiquark.

The second type is a tetraquark with two electrical charges. It is an open-charm tetraquark with an up quark, a down quark, a strange antiquark, and a charm quark. 

The new tetraquarks were discovered with statistical significance of 6.5 (doubly charged particle) and 8 (neutral particle).

Quarks are essential constituents of matter and a sort of elementary particle.

There are six types of quarks, each with a different mass: up, down, charm, strange, and top and bottom.

Hadrons, such as protons and neutrons, are often formed by two or three groups of them combining.