Motivational Quotes For Life

“You can't make someone believe in you. Faith is always acquired via our actions.”

“Don't allow yourself become so frail that you require someone's favour.”

We may teach people about what we know, but we can't make them wise. What the knowledge seeker want to produce is entirely up to him.

Brush Stroke

“Work that we don't see because we aren't performing it ourselves appears to be more difficult. Nothing is impossible if we are determined.”

"If you desire tranquilly in your life, alter yourself rather than moan about others; it is simpler to wear slippers on your own feet rather to blanket the globe."

“Your mindset determines whether you win or lose. If you agree, you will lose, but if you decide, you will win.”

“Pause for a moment in your rage, and bend a bit when you make a mistake, and all the world's problems will be solved.”