You may use this Excel substitute for free.

Because Microsoft Excel is not free, many students, learner, and less needy people are unable to utilize it. 

They do not want to pay for their less important task, thus my recommendation is to check into some of the Microsoft Excel alternatives listed. 

Furthermore, all of these solutions are free, so you will not be charged. 

Google Sheets is an alternative to Excel that you can use in both Google Cloud and the browser. 

Google Spreadsheets 

It's a fully free cloud-based spreadsheet application. It also has capabilities like collaboration, data visualization, and automation to help users work quicker. 

Zoho spreadsheet  

WPS Office Spreadsheet is an excellent name for a powerful alternative to Microsoft Excel. It offers powerful capabilities similar to Excel. 

WPS Office 

Alternatives to Microsoft Excel include Apache OpenOffice calc, Quip, Smartsheet, and Airtable. 

I believe you must have realized that we, especially students and beginners, are capable of producing frugal job, even for free. 

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