Is time only a concept?

Time is defined as the interval (waiting) of a moving point from one position to another.

Many experts feel that time is simply a notion that may be seen in a variety of ways in a variety of scenarios.

Albert Einstein characterised time as the universe's fourth dimension in his "Theory of Relativity."

But, in my opinion, time is more than a notion; it is a key component of the cosmos that is difficult to comprehend.

Time, I believe, is an unseen force in motion that is present in every atom in the cosmos.

These phenomena appear beyond comprehension, yet if we imagine that everything is immovable and time is flowing, we can perceive

A cinema reel swiftly turns multiple photographs, and we see the pictures moving, chatting, and laughing.

The combination of light and speed may be the cause of time's invisibility, as a result of which we see time as a mere idea.

My ideas may be incorrect, but reasoning always leads to new ideas.