Is there a possibility of multiverse? 

I have been following the concept of multiple universes from the beginning instead of any possible universe or parallel universe. 

But for this we need to understand particle-wave duality to a great extent. 

I believe that there will be many universes of our universe which we can call imitation of our real universe. 

And in all the universe we will also be present in the same way as we exist in this universe. 

I think for this we need to consider some events before the Big Bang

The fundamental particle-wave duality responsible for the Big-Bang may have been able to clone itself under some pattern. 

Due to which there would have been many great explosions at the same time and many universes would have been created at the same time. 

This requires understanding the pattern of the fundamental particle, which we may have been able to determine. 

But I don't see my reasoning as right or wrong, I see it as an infinite number of possibilities.