Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?

I think the universe is expanding rapidly due to the expansion of gravity, and dark matter is actually gravitational energy.

Gravity acts as a force inside the universe and outside the universe as energy, which we call dark matter

I think what we call dark matter is actually a dispersion of both weak and strong gravitational energy

The universe is expanding rapidly between the spread of weak and strong gravitational energy, which can spread to the ends of the gravitational energy

A black hole can be a hole in the spread of the weak gravitational force present in the universe, from which we can directly see the gravitational energy present outside the universe.

Therefore there is a possibility that the gravitational particle can exist outside the universe or we can search for gravitational particles in black holes.

That's why I think that to solve the mysteries of dark matter, we need to think of gravity on both the force and energy level.

I do not know whether my reasoning is right or wrong, because I cannot prove my argument mathematically or analytically.