Know some interesting facts about our universe

Our sun occasionally seems red-yellow or saffron to us due to the earth's atmosphere, but in space, it can only be seen in its genuine colour of white.

Scientists estimate that dark matter and dark energy, which cannot be observed, make up around 75% of the missing universe.

The human brain, which is made up of billions of linked neurons, is the most complicated object in the universe.

Venus revolves on its axis so slowly that it makes one rotation around the Sun before starting to rotate.

Saturn's rings are made up of a combination of dust, ice, and rocks and are not actually comprised of solid material.

The first artificial spacecraft to leave the solar system is the Voyager-1 probe.

U.V.scuti is the biggest star that has ever been found in the cosmos. which exceeds our Sun in size by 1700 times.

The Earth is such a small part of the universe that about 1.3 million Earths are contained inside the Sun.