In quantum physics, can an event be predicted? 

Many quantum mechanics experts believe that all event is split into many possibilities until it is turned into a single possibility. 

However,  that this fact has emerged as a result of mathematical and analytical studies, I do not think this is an entirely accurate notion. 

Because everything in the cosmos is predetermined and without a chance, that is why events occur. 

Try to figure out why Einstein was not a great teacher or musician instead of a brilliant scientist. 

Before and after birth the association of such events which was implied in the past, present and future of time to make him a great scientist. 

That is, the occurrence of any event can be part of some kind of quantum pattern, which is predetermined. 

For any event to occur, energy travels in time according to a quantum pattern at some level, causing certain events to occur. 

Possibility can only happen when energy begins to travel from the ends of the future under a quantum pattern. 

Events in the future are already established as energy travels through time beginning in the past. 

We can determine every occurrence from the past by looking at possibilities from the end of the future.

I think that energy only operates at a specified level; if energy or energy particles do not operate at a predetermined level, the condition of the cosmos may become chaotic.