how to practise mindfulness meditation

First and foremost, after doing all of the morning tasks, select an empty and peaceful location.

Sitting on the seat in a comfortable position by establishing a posture

Now, close your eyes and begin gently drawing your breath in and out.

Now you have to recognize all the sensations in the body. First of all, bring your attention from your feet to all the parts of the body.

Begin to imagine that your feet, hands, mouth, ears, and eyes are all relaxing, and continue to breathe gently in and out.

Now, concentrate closely about your mind and keep urging it to rest.

Bring your focus to the depth of your breath; imagine that you are breathing comfortably and deeply inside yourself.

Even if your mind wanders in this moment, return your attention to the depth of your breath.

You will experience a sense of serenity and contentment within you, and you will gently open your eyes and remain in that posture for a bit before beginning your daily routines.