Have we reached Mars in its past?

 Because of the speed of the earth and the direction of rotation in the same dimension, we observe various times at different points on the earth.

However, as we are traveling in the same dimension, we may currently reach any location on the earth.

But if the universe rotates in different directions in different dimensions, then it is possible that while traveling the universe, we have reached some planet in its past.

It is possible that the Viking 1 Orbiter and other spacecraft sent by NASA to Mars have reached the place in the past where they are searching for life.

Therefore, it's possible that a joyful existence is currently flourishing on Mars but we are unable to witness it because of the speed and dimentions of the cosmos.

Additionally, it's possible that parasites on a planet in the universe are looking for life that can travel beyond dimensions.

I don't see my reasoning as right or wrong, because the universe is full of infinite possibilities, which can only be judged on the basis of facts.

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