Events in the universe are predetermined   no room for possibilities.

The level and speed of energy in the universe determines the events. Therefore energy attains the real state instead of the potential state.

Even before the Big Bang, the active energy is divided into different levels of possibilities, so the determination of the event in one universe can be seen potentially in many universes.

Due to quantum entanglement, we feel the energy levels present in the multiverse that represent potential events, so we can see possibilities.

In multiverse, along with the change in the energy level, there can also be a change in the end of time, due to which we find out the many possibilities of sugarcane.

But in reality the possibilities do not exist in this universe, they are a set of events of many other universes, with which we are connected at the level of energy.

For this we need to examine the state of energy in many universes, so that we can check the level of energy at the level of determination.

This is a very complicated matter, which may not be possible to know, because we have not been able to know the end of the same universe.

I'm not sure if my opinion is right or wrong, but this argument actually leads us to future correctness, which may be part of a quantum pattern.