I have a lot of different notions whenever I ponder about the cosmos. Finding potential in right and wrong is, in my opinion, an important part of the growing process

It appears to me that there are two crucial aspects of the universe's genesis and growth that we have yet to fully comprehend.

Energy and unenergy are the two fundamental components accountable for the cosmos's completeness; possibly the formation of the universe would have occurred in this.

Knowing many different forms of energy, we have divided it into many parts, but I do not think that we have yet reached the original source of energy.

I also believe that understanding the cosmos requires a thorough understanding of unenergy.

I think that energy is emitted from inside to without, and unenergy is emitted from without to within.

That is why I regard gravity and consciousness as kinds of unenergy emitted from within.

When I think ahead, it appears that unenergy is the primary source of energy responsible for the formation of the cosmos.

I'm not sure whether I'm correct, but I believe there is a need to look thoroughly about unenergy.