In Search of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark matter is the most and unsolved puzzle in today’s Astrophysics, Cosmology, area Astronomy.

According to theories proposed, dark matter is non-luminous (not bright) material that is said to exist in space.

In a simplest way dark matter is made up particles that do not absorb, reflect or emits light from it.

Dark material is a material that cannot be seen  eyes. In Universe 5% ordinary matter (visible), 27% dark matter and 23% dark energy exists in Universe.

Dark matter does not interact via the electro-magnetic force. – Dark matter does not have any charges.

Dark matter particles should move slowly, much more slowly than the speed of light. It has very less density.

 Only where light is there in a part of Universe .light gets illuminated (Reflected) from that matter.

the absence of light matter remains un- illuminated (not-reflected) that is referred to as dark matter.

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