Can consciousness be understood by science? 

I believe that only science can truly discuss consciousness. 

The primordial evolution of the cosmos came from consciousness, which is today understood to be invisible energy. 

The basic energy of particle-wave duality, which we acknowledge, behaves in a predictable way. 

Every substance in the cosmos has energy, which behaves in a variety of patterns. These many patterns of energy lead to the development of awareness. 

The cosmos is dispersed over a vast pattern of energy that is held by consciousness, which is an unseen energy. 

However, while it is true that we have not yet been able to understand consciousness using logical and mathematical principles, it is not inconceivable. 

More research into quantum physics is required for this since the only way to mathematically demonstrate awareness is through the intricate pattern of energy. 

I don't believe it will be difficult for contemporary science to comprehend an intangible energy like consciousness. 

We will undoubtedly be able to properly describe consciousness in the future.