Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity 

When discussing the theory of relativity, the picture of Albert Einstein comes to mind. 

Because we know that he was a scientist who developed the theory of relativity. 

Albert Einstein is a German-born physicist who is claimed to have been brilliant in mathematics and physics since childhood. 

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Einstein has been able to learn algebra, Pythagoras and calculus since the age of 12.

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By the age of 14, he had also mastered integral and differential calculus. Over time, Einstein studied and engaged in the fields of mathematics and physics.

which explained the theory of relativity and influenced other scientists' perspectives on existing ideas. 

Einstein's first theory of classical mechanics was originally defined by Newton in relation to the prediction of celestial body motion. 

But Einstein observed that Newton's principle does not apply to the laws of the electromagnetic field. 

And because of this Einstein laid the foundation and developed a special theory of relativity