Contribution of African American Women Scientists and Inventors

Valerie L. Thomas

She created the illusion transmitter and was granted a patent for it in 1980

Jane Cooke Wright

She was a renowned cancer researcher and surgeon who is credited with developing chemotherapy.

Madam CJ Walker

A variety of cosmetic and hair care items are attributed to development and design.

Augusta Ball 

created the “Ball Method,” the most efficient leprosy treatment. She made significant advances to the field of chemistry.

Sarah Elisabeth Goode

she was one of the first  innovators to earn a US government patent.  he received a patent for a folding cabinet bed.

Annie Easley

She was employed by both the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and NASA’s Glenn Research Center

Marie Maynard Daly

She conducted significant studies on the chemistry of histones, protein synthesis, the connection between cholesterol and hypertension

Janet Emerson Bashen

The first  to have a patent for a software creation is Janet Emerson Bashen, an inventor and businesswoman.

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