A significant accident occurred during the British Grand Prix. 



Guanyue Zhou, on the other hand, stated that the hello cockpit safety mechanism on his automobile had saved his life. 

A titanium hoop put on top of the driver's helmet proved beneficial in saving drivers' lives. 

When Zhou became entangled between the tire barrier and the catch netting, it was extremely challenging for rescuers to pull him from the debris.  

It would have been more concerning if the Chinese driver had been gravely hurt in the crash or if the automobile had caught fire. 

Halo saved Zhou Guanyue's life, but the incident raises two new safety issues for Formula One. 

Nonetheless, the FIA will properly review the situation to determine how to improve race safety in the future. 

The FIA inquiry will concentrate on what adjustments may be made to the roll hoop to reinforce it. 

It's possible that the knowledge gained from Zhou's mishap at Silverstone will one day save a life.