It is a popular programming language for artificial intelligence. 

To construct artificial intelligence with human reasoning, programming languages are required and effective 

One of the most popular programming languages, its flexibility allows it to interact effectively with hardware and machines. 


Java is a popular programming language that is used for a variety of reasons all around the world. 


Python is a popular artificial intelligence programming language among both novice and experienced developers. 


If you require programming with data analysis and representation, R claims to be the finest alternative. 


The Julia programming language is an excellent choice for numerical analysis and the development of computational scientific tools. 


Jetbrains created Kotlin, a general-purpose programming language for Android apps, web apps, and server-side apps. 


Known as PHP as an open-source programming language, 80% of the websites available on the Internet are based on this programming language. 


It was some widely recognized programming languages. In truth there are many more than this, but it is among the most popular of them.