Is it feasible to calculate a particle's location and momentum? 

According to the uncertainty principle, it is not feasible to discover the value of a particle-wave duality's location and momentum at the same time. 

Because this has been demonstrated mathematically and analytically, quantum physics suggests possibilities in the form of uncertainty. 

However, I believe that doubtful or impossible things have no place in quantum physics. 

When we measure anything in a certain direction, the assessment situation becomes constrained. 

I believe the universe's state is complicated as well as precise and methodical, emitting and using energy in a variety of quantum patterns. 

So knowing the position and momentum of energy-particles at the same time shouldn't be hard - do we need to study it from the start? 

We only presume that the lack of mass at the heart of particle-wave duality can lead to uncertainty. 

However, additional modification is required. By combining the basic energy pattern with the invisible mass at the invisible energy centre, we can determine the value of both position and momentum.